Flag pole installation and repair 

Roof truss setting

Cost-Effective Boom Truck Rental in Atlanta, GA

LED message center sign installation and maintenance

Our bucket and boom truck rentals allow you to get your job done without headaches. Why purchase, insure, and maintain equipment, and then hire and certify operators, when you can simply call us?

Our mobile boom trucks are able to get to your job site, get set up, and get to work fast. In fact, we’re so efficient that we frequently send one truck to several sites on the same day.

Whether you need to pick up HVAC components, roof trusses, metal buildings, signs, poles, steel, boats, dredging equipment, pumps, crematoriums, mausoleums, artwork, or something else, we’ve done it before, and we’ll be glad to give you a lift!

We take pride in on-schedule arrivals, well-maintained equipment, an excellent safety record, certified professional operators, and competitive rates. We rent hydraulic boom trucks from 23 to 40 tons.

Lighting of Georgia rents bucket trucks from 40 to 85 feet, and stationary man baskets (two-man buckets) from 100 to 165 feet. All of our truck-based equipment comes with the operator, and charges are broken by the half hour.