In business since 1970, Lighting of Georgia is a full-service sign and lighting company, working throughout the greater metropolitan Atlanta and north Georgia areas. Our customer base ranges from large government entities, to national providers, to family-owned enterprises. We provide experienced lighting service to our customers, and we keep our customers happy: that’s why we’ve been in business since 1970.

Sign and lighting service is our specialty. Lighting of Georgia provides maintenance and installation for interior and exterior signs, lighting, LED, and neon. We offer new installations, change-outs, lighting upgrades, and energy-saving retrofits. We can even help you get the permits necessary for your job. From tracing underground electrical problems, to servicing high-rise signs and lighting up to 165 feet, we have the equipment to meet your needs. Since we maintain a large lighting supply warehouse with inventory in stock, we are able to provide a quick response to our customers. Our bucket trucks are cost-effective, and they carry the proper materials, which enables us to complete most service calls on the first trip.

All materials furnished by Lighting of Georgia are guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship for a minimum of one year from date of installation.

We can work on an as-needed basis, or set up a lighting maintenance contract that is tailored to your requirements, and helps keep your budget in line. Maintenance contracts are an excellent way to insure continuous illumination for advertisement, as well as security. Lighting of Georgia provides interior and exterior sign and lighting maintenance contracts.

Unit pricing, also known as flat-rate pricing, reflects an installed price for lamps or ballasts. Lighting of Georgia offers unit pricing for larger pole lighting jobs, which allows you to easily figure how much repairs will cost ahead of time.

For sign work, we can provide an estimate for labor and material costs while we are on-site, and repair the sign on the same trip if no special-orders are required. If a second trip should be necessary, we are able to give a proposal for what is needed to complete the repairs.

Pole installation is one of the services we offer that sets us apart from the competition. Lighting of Georgia is able to replace concrete pole bases, and to install new poles for parking lot and ball field lighting. We also provide installation, repair, and replacement of flag poles and related hardware.​


Commercial sign and Lighting Services 

* Prompt Service * Competitive Rates * Safety First 

A boom truck, or truck-mounted crane, is used to lift items that are too heavy, awkward, or inaccessible for people to lift. It can pick up and swing loads at various radii, depending on the weight of the load, and the height and angle of the lift.

A bucket truck, sometimes known as a cherry-picker, is used to lift people for access to work that is too high or too awkward for a ladder.

Lighting of Georgia has been in the bucket and boom truck rental business almost since day one. What began as the acquisition of equipment to be utilized in our own jobs, became a flourishing rental business when we learned that many contractors would rather rent the equipment and operator from us than buy their own. Why purchase, insure, and maintain equipment, and then hire and certify operators, when you can simply call us? 

Our bucket and boom truck rentals allow you to get your job done without headaches. Our equipment is able to get to your jobsite, get set up, and get to work fast. In fact, we’re so efficient that we frequently send one truck to several sites on the same day.

Whether you need to pick up HVAC components, roof trusses, metal buildings, signs, poles, steel, boats, dredging equipment, pumps, crematoriums, mausoleums, artwork, or something else, we’ve done it before, and we’ll be glad to give you a lift!

We take pride in on-schedule arrivals, well-maintained equipment, an excellent safety record, certified professional operators, and competitive rates. We rent hydraulic boom trucks from 23 to 40 tons.

Lighting of Georgia rents bucket trucks from 40 to 85 feet, and stationary man baskets (two-man buckets) from 100 to 165 feet. All of our truck-based equipment comes with the operator, and charges are broken by the half hour.


  • Lighting service and installation
  • Sign service and installation
    High-rise sign / lighting service to 165 feet

  • Sports field and area lighting
  • Neon and LED service
  • LED message board maintenance
  • Underground electrical line location
  • Electrical troubleshooting and repair
  • Energy-saving retrofits

T12 to T8 or LED retrofits

HID to LED retrofits

  • Maintenance contracts
  • Quality control program
  • Qualified service technicians
  • Certified crane operators
  • Bucket Truck Rentals up to 165 feet
  • Boom Truck Rentals up to 40 tons